Book Drive

The Blue Skies XGEN Programme exists to encourage the next generation in schools, colleges and youth groups near to where we are located. It does this by facilitating the distribution of learning aids such as text books and stationery, and participating in talks, seminars and educational programmes that can enrich the curriculum and support in career development.

Examples of some of our initiatives:

  • Working with the University of Northampton to devise a competition to challenge students to come up with new ideas based on predicted needs of the future.
  • Presenting to 300 students at a UK university about Entrepreneurship
  • Judging the a local School's Business Studies ‘Juice Competition’ and providing prizes.
  • Inspiring over 5,000 school pupils at a kids Agricultural Show.
  • Distributing 200k pens to schools in Ghana in partnership with a UK charity
  • Working with a UK retailer to donate textbooks to a school in South Africa.
  • Offering career advice and interview tips for students at a local UK secondary school.
  • Giving talks about sustainability and providing learning materials for schools in Ghana.
  • Giving educational talks to a local scouts group

Contact us to find out how Blue Skies can support your school, college or youth group.

Organisations we have worked with:

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