Our culture is a key element of our business. Fundamentally, we believe that care for our people breeds care for our fruit, which in turn fosters a natural respect for the environment and the communities where we exist.

We have a wide and diverse variety of roles in a number of different countries. Whether it's coordinating logistics in our operations teams, cutting fruit or dealing with our customers, Blue Skies offers a great working environment that enables our people to flourish.

Working for Blue Skies is unlike working for any other business. Our unique and agile way of working enables us to take responsibility for our own jobs but also supports us in taking the initiative where we feel we can make a difference. Blue Skies is not a business that expects its people to remain only confined within the boundaries of their own roles, it also encourages people to boldly step outside their comfort zones, to respectfully challenge the status quo, and to proactively try out new ideas. We do not fear failure, instead we encourage it, recognising that failure is often the catalyst to success. Most important, however, is the respect we have for one another and all the people we come in to contact with, whether it be our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers or our neighbours. Respect is the one quality which underpins all others. We are commercial in the way we conduct our business, but we are never arrogant nor proud. Blue Skies people are fun, passionate and down-to-earth. We always seek the best in each other and we are always fair.

We are committed to providing the best possible place to work, where everyone is equally valued and respected and where everyone has a voice. The Blue Skies culture is built on the values of fairness, trust and respect. At each site we operate a ‘seamless society’ where we treat everyone with equal respect, regardless of gender, age, colour, creed or rank. It is this culture that enables our people to pull together to overcome hurdles and bring about success. This is why we take special care to look after our people, by promoting diversity, offering equal opportunities, providing amenities at each of our facilities, and protecting human rights.


We have over twenty nationalities working for Blue Skies with women represented at every level of the business, including as General Managers leading four of our subsidiaries. We provide equal opportunities for professional development and we fund training and education where needed.


At each of our sites we provide amenities designed to meet the needs of our people. In Ghana for instance, we have a subsidised canteen, library, internet cafe, clinic and a multi-use games area.


Our culture of respect provides us with our first line of defence against abuses of human rights. We are also audited to ethical standards such as SMETA and our own internal protocols. In addition, we are members of Stronger Together, PEN and FNET which are industry bodies seeking to tackle modern day slavery and protect human rights in supply chains.

We are committed to providing the safest and healthiest possible working environment for our people. We need all our people to be mentally and physically fit and healthy. Our health and safety teams carry out risk assessments and training to minimise the risk of accidents, but we also do more such as providing health care facilities and encouraging sports and fitness.


We provide health care facilities where clinics are not ordinarily easily accessible or affordable. Our clinic in Ghana employs four full-time nurses and sees over 100 people a day. It also offers counselling and advice on issues such as family planning and mental health.


In Ghana, we have established an eight acre kitchen garden to supply our canteen with fresh vegetables every day. The aim was to supplement the traditionally carbohydrate-rich diet with nutritious vegetables that can be locally grown, including carrots, cucumbers, cabbages and spring-onions.


We have dedicated sports facilities at our factories in Ghana, Egypt and South Africa. Our Keep Fit club in Ghana has become one of the best in the country and regularly fields winning volleyball and football teams. We also have teams at our other sites and in Brazil we have implemented occupational gymnastics


We are committed to always buy with integrity, fairness and professionalism, and to source as much as possible from local suppliers with shared values. From the beginning Blue Skies has been able to deliver the best quality fresh from harvest fruits, because of our close proximity to our farmers. Our procurement and agronomy teams work together closely to provide support where it is needed to help farmers overcome technical and commercial barriers in order to access international and local markets. Our culture of respect extends to all our suppliers, ensuring we treat the people we source from with fairness and respect.


We pride ourselves on our fair payment terms and aim to pay all our suppliers within sixty days from invoice.


Our agronomy teams work closely with our growers to provide continuous training and support. Where needed, we help small farmers by providing soft loans and covering the costs of certification to standards such as GlobalGAP, LEAF and Fairtrade. We also take a lead role in helping farmers to counter threats such as anthracnose, fruit fly and bacterial blackspot.


Where possible, we always seek to support suppliers located near to our facilities, whether that be in Europe or at any of our subsidiaries in Africa and South America. This naturally applies to our farmers, but also extends to our suppliers of materials such as packaging, and services including printing and IT.


We have pioneered a second-party ethical auditing system for our fruit suppliers which seeks to actively recognise and encourage progress, rather than merely ensuring compliance.


Food safety, legality and quality have been at the heart of our business operations from the beginning, and our competence in these crucial aspects of what we do enables our success. Careful product development, training, communication, diligence, honesty and transparency have brought us to this position, and the value we place upon our people as illustrated on this website will continue to motivate excellence. High quality, legal and safe food can only be produced sustainably by people working effectively together in a strong society.


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