Our culture is an unwritten code for how we behave. It is primarily about ‘respect’. Respect for each other, respect for the environment and respect for the countries within which we operate.

Our culture is intended to keep us together and sustain the resources which we rely on to ensure our existence. For instance at our factories we operate what we call a ‘seamless society’ whereby we have respect for each other regardless of gender, age, colour, creed or rank. This helps us to bond as a family and get the best out of each other in business.

This respect also extends to the environment. The mission statement for our culture states “We believe in mutual respect for each other regardless of who we are and where we come from. We believe that respect for people breeds care for fruit which in turn fosters a natural concern for the environment.”

And it extends to the way we deal with our partners, including the farmers who supply us and their communities.


We treat one another with mutual respect. We do not refer our people as ‘workers’ but as individuals who each bring their own unique skills, talents, personality and experience.

We work hard and we are happy. We are young in spirit and quick to greet and welcome one another.  We like to have fun and enjoy life. We are conscientious and professional, and we help each other when in need.

We trust each other to come to work and do our jobs well. We do not use technology to monitor the behavior of our people. We learn from our mistakes and treat each other as people who are able to take responsibility for our jobs.

We pay fair salaries that are above the minimum wage, but we expect people to organize their own lives.  We like to reward our staff but we will correct behavior that does not suit our culture or our values.

Our amenities are provided for the benefit of all our people, not just a privileged few. We encourage people to eat together and to mix with others.

We respect the environment because it provides us with the natural resources upon which we rely. We do not drop litter, we conserve energy and fuel where we can and we protect trees and wildlife.

We respect our suppliers and the communities within which we work. We help our farmers to achieve high agricultural standards and we support our communities by funding projects through the Blue Skies Foundation.


Diversity is the ‘Joint’ in the Joint Effort Enterprise and is one of the defining elements of our model. It reflects our commitment to breaking down the barriers that divide us and embracing the qualities that make us different.

There are over 5,000 people in Blue Skies spanning three continents and with representation from more than fifteen countries. As a group we employ a diverse mix of people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and experiences. We believe this makes us collectively stronger and better positioned to take the business forward.

By promoting diversity we are more effectively able to understand the demographics of the market place and therefore better equipped to meet the needs of our customers. We can also better understand the dynamics of the production base which allows us to strengthen our relationship with supply partners and optimize our operations.

Importantly, we believe that inclusivity creates a vibrant, happy working environment which increases productivity, reduces staff turnover and enhances our problem solving capabilities.

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