Nutrient Rich Compost

At Blue Skies we don’t like to waste our waste. We like to return what has been taken from the land to the land. That is why we are committed to composting all of our raw material at our very own compost site.

We add a bit of carbon (wood shavings which are the main diet for the micro-organisms responsible for composting), a bit of nitrogen (pineapple crowns), a touch of poultry manure & a layer of raw material (rich in micro nutrients). The large molecules are broken down into simple molecules that can be utilized for plant growth, to ‘revive’ the soil. The compost material spends a few weeks under a green felty cover that is designed to resemble an earthworm’s skin – creating the perfect breathing environment for the compost.

The organic compost goes right back to the farmers it came from – ensuring that our pineapples (as well as all of our other planting material) goes into healthy, happy soil.

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