The Blue Skies mission is to build together a profitable enterprise where people respect each other, care for environment and inspire a legacy for the future.

We believe in ‘Adding Value at Source’ This means we aim to make the finished product in the country or region where the fruit is grown. By doing this we return more value to the communities that produce our fruit, and we can deliver products that are Fresh from Harvest.

To achieve our mission, our business is founded on three core beliefs that make up what we call our Joint Effort Enterprise. The JEE espouses the idea that a business works best if it is inclusive, socially equal and profitable.


We are strengthened by our Diversity
Diversity is the ‘Joint’ in the Joint Effort Enterprise and is one of the defining elements of our model. It reflects our commitment to breaking down the barriers that divide us and embracing the qualities that make us different.
Bound by our culture of Respect

Our culture is a key element of our JEE. Fundamentally, we believe that care for our people breeds care for our fruit, which in turn fosters a natural respect for the environment and the communities where we exist.

Driven by generating a Positive Return
Profit’ is all too often associated with corporate greed, but it shouldn’t be. Profit is essentially the positive net result of our actions, whether this is represented in financial terms or the impact we have on communities – it is all the same.
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