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52 votes

Fruit fibre

Develop fibre and fruit flour from fruit waste to use as functional foods or fibre supplements in other food products eg, gluten-free cookies, pasta, beverages, meat products, bread, ice cream and yoghurts.

34 votes

Increase Advertisement And Publicity

Through advertisement and publicity, two things can be achieved:
1) new product can communicate benefit
2) old products can reinforce benefits

18 votes

Waste exchange

Use of waste to be raw material in-another factory like food for animals

10 votes

Dried fruit and Jam

I have an idea of Dry fruit, Fruit can or Jam which could use fresh harvest fruit in 12hrs and make to Dry, Can or Jam in Ghana. It might be a little different with Cut or Juice so the marketing team could consider about develop a new sub-brand.
These kinds of products could use less fruit.

10 votes

U.S. Markets

I tried Blue Skies on my trip to Ghana last summer. Please sell your products here in the U.S.

8 votes

Coconut Water

Blue Skies should be selling coconut water!

4 votes

Watermelon and Banana Juice

I have the idea of juicing watermelon with banana.

2 votes

Avocado butter paste

Avocado is enjoyed with a whole lot of food. Making an avocado butter paste or puree could see being enjoyed with bread or consumed just like that.

1 vote

Blue Skies Mini Pack

Smaller format for fresh juice in bottles or sealed cups available at a lower price

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