We select only the ripest, sweetest fruits and then prepare them into delicious ready-to-eat salads and freshly squeezed juices, Fresh from Harvest.

Our fruit is harvested only once it has naturally matured, therefore giving a sweeter, just-picked taste. It is then prepared and packed at source, and delivered to shops within 24 hours. So it is perfectly possible that a bottle of freshly squeezed juice from Blue Skies may contain fruit that was growing in the field only a day before it is enjoyed.

Our award winning products include the world’s first fresh pineapple juice and our mouth watering prepared organic sugarloaf. We pride ourselves on our innovation and lead the way with our new product development. We were the first to introduce fresh pomegranate juice, the first to introduce fresh cut coconut and we will continue to be the first with many of our future product launches.

The range of fruits that we have available to us are wide and diverse. From pineapple to pomegranate and mango to melon, we can do things with fruit that no one else has even tried!

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