Juice as it should be

 We believe you haven't tasted 100% natural juice until you've tasted Blue Skies freshly squeezed 100% Fruit in a Bottle.

We select only the best fruit and use a simple but technically advanced form of juice extraction which is managed under the highest standards of quality and care.

Check the ingredients list; you won’t find any added concentrates or water, there are no flavorings or preservatives, and to retain all the fresh flavours we don’t carry out any form of heat treatment like you will find with many other juices on the market. Our juice is simply 100% natural and perfectly fresh.

Our Promise

Our fruit is harvested at its optimal maturity to ensure the best quality
Our products contain only 100% natural, unadulterated fruit
Made by people with integrity who care about the origin of our fruit
No added sugar, artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives

The juice, the whole juice and nothing but the juice...

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100% fresh

Freshly Squeezed Star Ruby Grapefruit Juice, Valencia Orange Juice, Naartjie Juice (seasonal)
Still Lemonade, Raspberry and Rose Still Lemonade (seasonal), Strawberry Still Lemonade, Ginger and Lime Still Lemonade
Available in 300ml, 1 Litre and 5 Litre Bottles

Please note that Naartjie Juice is now out of season and will be back in June 2017

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We currently deliver to Heidelberg, Nigel and Brakpan in the Gauteng province of South Africa.

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