Blue Skies is now available on Amazon Fresh

Blue Skies have introduced its branded range of fresh from harvest prepared fruit products with Amazon Fresh in the UK. The range includes fresh-cut mango, smooth cayenne pineapple, coconut, pomegranate, a Berry Medley and melon. Amazon Fresh in the UK is currently only available to postcodes in and around the London area. You can view […]

New logo launched to brighten the world

This month’s Pelican news features the new Blue Skies logo which is being introduced as part of a major relaunch of the Blue Skies brand and product range across Europe, Africa and America. The new logo features the Pelican and is designed to express the Blue Skies brand sense of purpose, to ‘Brighten the World’. […]

8 Miles buys minority stake in Blue Skies

UK Private Equity firm ‘8-Miles’, which is chaired by Sir Bob Geldof and focuses on investments in Africa, has bought a minority stake in Blue Skies. Blue Skies Chairman and founder Anthony Pile said: “Blue Skies is pleased that 8 Miles has taken a minority stake in the company. We have an interesting business and […]

Blue Skies SA looks forward to new factory

Twenty years ago a man had a dream to build factories that would process fresh-fruit salads within the countries where the fruit grew, in order to provide people with real fresh-from-harvest fruit. That vision came to life and today we see the Blue Skies dream expanding, and changing people’s lives for the better, every day. […]

New GM appointed at Blue Skies Brazil

Congratulations to Flavia Mometti who has been appointed our General Manager at Blue Skies Brazil. Flavia has been our Technical Manager in Brazil since 2007 and had developed a comprehensive understanding of the business. The company has been managed by a committee for a few years while we searched for the ideal situation.  Now that […]

Ten Top Food Trends for 2017

While the world gets used to Donald Trump and Brexit, Pelican News contemplates what we’re all apparently going to be craving in 2017 according to a number of sources including Mintel, Whole Foods Market and Market Watch. So as you tuck in to your Kale and Beetroot Smoothie that you thought was all the rage, […]

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