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Water dispensing system for Nsawam Firestation

The Nsawam Fire station has approximately 70 personnel. It is the District Fire Station in charge of over 23 communities, across three regions. The station is currently a temporary wooden facility, built over 20 years ago. Access to water had previously been a major challenge for the Fire Station as […]

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Amanfrom KVIP

The objective of this project was to construct a twelve-seater KVIP for the villages of Atakrom and Amanfrom in the Akwapim South District in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Over 2000 people reside in Atakrom and Amanfrom which is home to six of Blue Skies pineapple suppliers. Previously the community […]

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Sekykrom Kindergarten

In 2010 the Blue Skies Foundation renovated a three-classroom kindergarten in the village of Seyikrom in Ghana. Sekykrom is home to 3,000 people and is located just outside the town of Nsawam in the Easter Region. Two farmers who supply Blue Skies also live in Sekykrom as well as many Blue […]

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Meet Eugene Amadi-Atta

Mr. Eugene Amadi-Atta is the Farm Manager of X-ray Mango Farms which is located in the Doryumu area of greater Accra in Ghana. Eugene has been working in the fruit industry since 1980 and through practical experience and training he has developed a huge amount of expertise in pineapple and […]

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