Try this Frozen Smoothie Bowl Recipe

The perfect summer breakfast from Maiken Fortes  Ingredients 2 cups chopped fresh mango 1 ½ cups of frozen diced coconut (Optional) ½ cup coconut cream/milk Method: 1) Place frozen coconut and fresh mango into your blender at medium speed until ingredients start to smoothen out. 2) For a creamier consistency add either coconut cream/milk (or any […]

Mango Chia Pudding

A zesty, tropical and refreshing dessert from Maiken Fortes  Ingredients 1 cup chia seeds (white or black) 1 cup milk/milk alternative/ plain greek yoghurt 2 cups fresh mango 1 lime Method: 1) Whist your milk (using unsweetened almond milk), and chia seeds in a bowl. Let sit for 10 minutes and stir again the remove […]

Zeenatu Adams visits South Africa

This month we feature a report by Zeenatu Adams of Blue Skies Ghaaa who recently travelled to South Afria to carry out some training for the technical team. My trip to blueskies South Africa was exciting. One captivating scene when I landed in South Africa is the OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg. It is big and really beautiful. Unfortunately for me at the Airport it took me over 30 minutes to locate my luggage because I was directed to the wrong terminal! […]

Foundation makes impact in South Africa

This month Denzil and Cath, from Blue Skies Pitsford, joined Waydu and Justice at Blue Skies South Africa, to visit and evaluate the impact of a number of Foundation projects and future applicants. The evaluations come ahead of the Foundation Board meeting, which will take place in Ghana next month. The team visited two Day […]

Blue Skies is now available on Amazon Fresh

Blue Skies have introduced its branded range of fresh from harvest prepared fruit products with Amazon Fresh in the UK. The range includes fresh-cut mango, smooth cayenne pineapple, coconut, pomegranate, a Berry Medley and melon. Amazon Fresh in the UK is currently only available to postcodes in and around the London area. You can view […]

New logo launched to brighten the world

This month’s Pelican news features the new Blue Skies logo which is being introduced as part of a major relaunch of the Blue Skies brand and product range across Europe, Africa and America. The new logo features the Pelican and is designed to express the Blue Skies brand sense of purpose, to ‘Brighten the World’. […]

March Pelican News is out Now!

The latest edition of the Blue Skies Newsletter ‘Pelican News’ is out now. Click here to download it. In this month’s newsletter 8 Miles buys a minority stake in Blue Skies, work starts on our 2017 Foundation Projects and Blue Skies reaches the final in three categories at the FPC Fresh Awards. Pelican News is a monthly newsletter […]

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